Brad Kremer


My name is Brad Kremer and I am a filmmaker. I have directed and shot films and commercials in locations all over the world and for many different types of clients such as Nike, Red Bull, X Games, Ubisoft and the Weather Channel. I make films for the big screen as well as TV and the internet.

I am probably most known for my work in action sports. I directed and produced the top films in snowboarding for many years and worked side by side with the biggest names in the industry. I have always felt honored that athletes like Jeremy Jones, Shawn White, Jussi Oksanen and JP Walker trusted me to document their snowboarding as they are the best and are risking their lives on a daily basis trying to progress the sport.

My top achievements in action sports has to be directing and producing films for MDP for five years(at the time the top action sport film company in the world) and directing the film department at Burton Snowboards. It was a dream come true to have made so many films that touched the lives of so many snowboarders across the world.

“Brad is, without a doubt, one of the most highly regarded and influential snowboard movie filmers/directors in the industry.” says Mike Nusenow, Senior VP of Global Marketing for Burton Snowboards.

During this time I learned what it takes to make a film in the harshest environments, on a tight budget and a tighter schedule while maintaining a high production value. Making films that have a polished look and flow has always been the highest priority for me. As well has keeping up with the latest gear. I have to give Mike McEntire(“Dawger”) a shout out for that. Mike is a true tech junkie. And I definitely learned a lot from working side by side with him.

Exactly what type of shooting experience do I have?

I am experienced with many different types of cameras and shooting styles from 16mm to S35mm to digital platforms like Red and Arri Alexa to Canon DSLRs. I have shot hundreds of hours from helicopters in Alaska, New Zealand and California, sometimes using a Cineflex gyro-stabilized unit and sometimes hanging out the side door with a camera on my shoulder. I use dollies, jib arms, cable cams, steadicams… whatever it takes to get the look I need. Time Lapse has been a love I have perfected over the years. And I am a Phantom Flex certified technician. The Flex is a high speed HD camera that shoots up to 2570 fps at 1920×1080! Lately, I have been experimenting with shooting stereoscopic 3D.

I feel that every project has a specific look and feel that requires a specific camera. Thats why I have tried to stay diversified and learn many different filming platforms.

 So what am I doing now?

Making action sport films took up all of my time. So a couple years ago I decided to stop making snowboard films full time and put more focus on commercial and documentary work. It has been a wonderful transition as it has allowed me to further my skills and to explore different areas of film-making that I used to not have the time for. And to work even closer with post artists on CG and After Effects in order to take my films to the next level. A good film always starts in your head. A true director knows how to use all tools available to get that on the screen. These tools are things such as cameras, dollies and jibs, sound, CG and other post techniques. Having as much knowledge of these as possible helps you do your job to it’s fullest. And it is a skill that I have taken very serious for my whole carreer.

Where do I work?

Anywhere and everywhere – I have shot all over North and South America, Japan, China, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Austria. Wherever you need something documented or directed I have ample experience working on the road.

Who are my clients?

Nike, Red Bull, Ubisoft, Burton Snowboards, Oakley, DC Shoes, Vans, Billabong, Volcom, Fuel TV, Warren Miller, The Weather Channel, Savannah Morning News, Michael Levin, Hubbell Power Systems and more. And I have been featured by Canon USA in their show reel as one of the new filmmakers pushing the limits of their cameras.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me.

Thank you!

Brad Kremer